Financial Planning

What Car Can I Afford?

This site provides an on-line calculator to help determine how expensive a car you can afford.

Home & Auto Calculators

This site includes a good number of on-line calculators for home and automobile needs.

Full Amortization Schedule

This site provides a complete on-line amortization schedule. Plug in the values and read the payment schedule, to include interest portions.

Simple Loan Calculator

Only three inputs, loan amount, interest and length of loan, calculates the monthly payment for any type of fixed payment, fixed period amortized loan (mortgage, car loan, etc).

Income Qualification Calculator

This site helps determine how well you qualify for a loan.

Edmunds Automobile Buyer's Guides

This site provides a wide assortment of car buying aids, to include scenarios for dealing with car dealers.

Retirement Calculator

Enter required income, number of years, and inflation and this on-line calculator will tell you how much you must put away.

1997 Non-disability Retirement Pay Chart

The current retirement pay chart.

Top 10 Social Security Administration On-Line Services

The Social Security Administration's Web Site. This location provides access to its most popular on-line services.

Airmen Memorial Foundation

A lot of information on your benefits and family programs.