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From: Commanding Officer
To: Distribution List


(a) GruO 1050.1V
(b) MCO P1050.3

(1) Special Request NAVPERS 1336/3
(2) Vehicle Inspection Form
(3) Liberty Limits Scale
(4) Liberty Limits Cities Chart

1. Purpose. To publish leave and liberty policies and procedures for AMS-1 Marines.

2. Cancellation. Policy Letter 3-97

3. Leave Policy.

a. Permanent Personnel. This command will provide the opportunity for permanent personnel to take frequent periods of leave, including the opportunity to take at least one leave period each year of about 14 consecutive days in length, and longer when possible.

b. Students. Students assigned to this command are limited in the length and opportunity to take annual leave due to the academic requirements of their training. Annual Leave will be granted to students on a case by case basis.

c. Annual Leave. Annual Leave starts on the day of departure from the duty station and is a day of duty and not chargeable as annual leave. The time of departure on annual leave is at the end of normal working hours i.e., 1630. The day of return will be counted as a day of leave except when return is prior to 0900.

d. Emergency Leave. Emergency leave may be granted to all members of this command regardless of status any time during the day or night by the Squadron Commanding Officer. After normal working hours, action is initiated through the Squadron Duty Officer.

e. Convalescent Leave. Convalescent leave is not chargeable as leave and may be granted to sick or injured Marines who have been admitted to the hospital, subsequently released and are not yet fit for return to duty. Convalescent leave shall be limited to a period of not more than 30 days shall be controlled by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. All Marines returning from convalescent leave will ensure that their leave authorization papers are forwarded to their command the first working day upon return to duty.

f. Leave Extensions. Extensions may be granted by the Commanding Officer upon notification and verification. Requests for leave extensions must go through the NCOIC during working hours and SDO during non-working hours. Marines must ensure that the request is received in sufficient time to allow for the Marine's return in the event of disapproval.

g. Liberty in Conjunction with Leave. Liberty may not be authorized in conjunction with authorized leave and will not be used to extend a leave period.

4. Personal Responsibilities. It is the personal responsibility of all Marines to keep themselves informed of their leave balance to preclude using more leave than they are entitled. Requesting leave that would place the Marine in a negative balance "leave in the hole" should be avoided. Leave in the hole situations will be authorized on a case by case basis. Marines share the responsibility for the accuracy of their leave balance and should be aware that errors which result in their being authorized excess leave could result in checkage of pay and allowances. Leave is granted under the condition the individual can return to duty upon expiration of the leave at the place and time specified in the authorization. It is the Marine's responsibility to have sufficient funds to defray all expenses, including transportation. If a Marine obtains return transportation assistance from any uniformed service installation, the cost of such transportation is subject to lump-sum checkage from the Marine's pay account.

5. Leave Papers Preparation, Control, and Accounting.

a. Marines requesting leave must submit a leave request, using enclosure (1) signed by their NCOIC and OIC. All student leave requests will be endorsed by the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant to ensure Marines are not assigned duty during their leave period. The request will be delivered to the Squadron Administrative Chief seven working days prior to commencement of leave.

b. The Squadron Admin Chief will maintain a logbook of all incoming and outgoing leave/special liberty/out-of-bounds requests. The Admin Chief will route all approved leave requests to the MATSG S-1 for preparation and will also check to ensure they are prepared and ready for Squadron personnel to pick-up on the day leave commences.

c. The OIC and NCOIC will ensure that the Marine requesting leave has all duty requirements covered and is familiar with reference (a) and this Policy Letter.

d. Leave and special liberty request chits will include a copy of either bus/airline itinerary or a vehicle inspection sheet (enclosure 2).

e. Timely and accurate leave accounting can only be accomplished through strict control of leave papers. In this regard, it is the individual's responsibility to promptly turn-in their leave papers to the Admin office for preparation by 0900 on the first working day following the last day chargeable as leave. The Admin office will check the leave paper to ensure that the check-out and check-in blocks are properly completed with any leave extensions granted and forward the leave paper to MATSG (Attn: PersO) by the most expeditious means. Student personnel, regardless of grade, and Sergeants and below will check out and check in personally with the duty officer. Marines attached as permanent personnel are reminded the authority for staff NCO's and above to check out and in from leave by telephone is a privilege. If this privilege is abused to the detriment of efficient leave accounting, such authorization may be revoked. Those availing themselves of this privilege will call the duty officer to check in and out, ensuring that the exact time and date the duty officer records in their log is recorded on the leave paper and signed by themselves.

6. Regular Liberty.

a. In accordance with ref (b), regular liberty will normally be granted from the end of normal working hours on one day to the commencement of working hours on the next working day. On weekends, this regular liberty will normally be authorized to commence at the end of working hours on Friday afternoon until the commencement of normal working hours on the following Monday morning. Regular liberty periods shall not exceed 72 hours in length, except in the case of public holiday weekends and public holiday periods specifically extended by the President of the United States.

b. Normal Working Day and Regular Liberty Hours. Except as delineated below, the normal working day begins at 0430 and ends at 1630 during the normal work week. The normal work week begins at 0430 on Monday and ends at 1630 on Friday. Therefore, regular liberty hours extend from 1630 to 0430 during the normal work week and is unlimited in duration during the weekend. Nothing in this policy is intended to interfere with the extension of the normal working day for the accomplishment of the Squadron's work or for the accomplishment of established structured remedial academic work initiated in the schoolhouse.

(1) Inprocessing/Indoctrination Phase. This period normally lasts one week, during which the student normal working day begins at 2200 and ends at 1630. Therefore, regular liberty hours for Marines in the inprocessing/indoctrination phase extend from 1630 to 2200 daily throughout the inprocessing/indoctrination phase, including weekends. Special liberty and out of bounds passes will not be authorized. Marines in the inprocessing/indoctrination phase will check in and out on liberty with the Squadron Duty Officer.

(2) Focused Academics. The normal working day for Marines on Focused Academics begins at 2200 and ends at 1630 during the normal work week. The normal work week begins at 2200 on Sunday and ends at 1630 on Friday. Therefore, regular liberty hours extend from 1630 to 2200 during the normal work week and is unlimited in duration during the weekend. Special liberty and out of bounds passes will not be authorized. Marines on Focused Academics will check in and out on liberty with the Squadron Duty Officer. (Focused Academics refers to the Squadron's Leave and Liberty Policy and does not preclude measures taken in the schoolhouse or the administrative withholding of privileges to correct academic problems.)

(a) Focused Academics Criteria. The criteria for placement on focused academics is GPA-dependent as follows:

AD Division -- 75% course average; removed upon achieving 80% course average
AL Division -- PR School -- 85% exam average; or 86% course average
AL Division -- AME School -- 75% exam average; or 80% course average
AM Division -- 70% course average; or 65% on any examination
AO Division -- 80% course average
AS Division -- 80% course average
EAF Division -- 70% course average
Aircrew Division -- 2.5 daily performance grade average (5.0 scale)

7. Administrative Withholding of Privileges (AWOP). The Commanding Officer's policy governing the Administrative Withholding of Privileges is covered in a separate policy letter. A memo from the Commanding Officer indicating when a Marine is assigned and removed from an administrative withholding of privileges will be forwarded to the Squadron Admin Chief via the Department Marine Liaison.

8. Liberty Limits. Liberty limits as set forth in reference (a) apply to both permanent and student personnel; however, student overnight liberty will be limited to 50 miles.

9. Special Liberty/Out-of-Bounds.

a. The Commanding Officer is the approving authority for all special liberty/out-of-bounds requests.

b. The NAVPERS 1336/3, will be completed for all special liberty/out-of-bounds requests and endorsed by the NCOIC and OIC. See enclosure (1).

c. The OIC and NCOIC will ensure that the Marine requesting special liberty has all duty requirements covered and is briefed on special liberty regulations.

d. Student requests for special liberty will be handled in the same manner as permanent personnel. All schools will forward student special liberty/out of bound requests to the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant no later than a week prior to ensure the Marine will not be assigned duties during that period.

e. Permanent Personnel and Students will not go beyond the prescribed liberty limits without written authorization from the Commanding Officer. (Enclosure 3) A not all inclusive list of the cities and towns near the edge of liberty limits are listed in enclosure (4).

10. Vehicle Inspection. All student personnel, Corporal and below, will have their vehicle inspected by their respective NCOIC prior to commencement of leave or liberty exceeding two days, if the vehicle is to be used for travel. Leave and special liberty chits should have either an airline/bus itinerary or a vehicle inspection chit attached. Enclosure (2) will be utilized to document vehicle inspections.