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From: Commanding Officer
To: Distribution


Ref: (a) Barrack Policy Letter 5-97

Cancellation. Policy Letter 1-97

(1) Special Orders for Squadron Duty Officer (SDO)
(2) Special Orders for Barracks Security Watch
(3) Special Orders for Barracks Firewatch
(4) Special Orders for Barracks Phone Watch
(5) Minimum required entries for SDO log
(6) Mishap Flash Report
(7) Theft Report
(8) New Join Check-in Roster
(9) New Join Check-in Brief
(10) Offense Report
(11) Article 31 (Rights of the Accused)
(12) BEQ Registration Card
(13) Bomb Threat Procedures

1. Purpose. To prescribe the organization and responsibilities of the Squadron duty watches and duty sections.

2. Organization. Duty watches and duty sections of this Squadron consist of the following:

a. Squadron Duty Officer. A Staff Sergeant assigned by the Commanding Officer.

b. Barracks Security Watch. A Private (Pvt) through Lance Corporal (LCpl) assigned by the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant.

c. Barracks Firewatch. A Pvt through LCpl assigned by the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant.

d. Barracks Phone Watch. A Pvt through LCpl assigned by the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant.

e. Barracks Duty Section Leader. A Private First Class (PFC) or LCpl assigned by the Barracks Troop handler.

f. Duty Sections. All squadron personnel, except the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and First Sergeant, shall be assigned to one of four duty sections of equal strength comprised of both permanent and student personnel.

3. Responsibilities.

a. General Instructions. Watchstanders are direct representatives the Commanding Officer. The requirement for each watchstander to perform his/her duties in a thorough manner cannot be overemphasized. All Marines assigned duty shall maintain themselves in a high state of readiness. No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed within eight hours prior to the commencement of duty or during the assigned duty. All watches shall be performed in accordance with the regulations set forth in reference (a) and this letter, unless such regulations are modified by Special Orders for each watch period.

b. Non-Availability Roster. A non-availability roster for all permanent personnel, Gunnery Sergeant and below, will be forwarded to the Mech Department NCOIC no later than the 10th day of each month. Include specific dates and reasons for non-availability.

c. Special Instructions.

(1) Duty Sections.

a. Permanent Personnel. Officers will be assigned by the Squadron Executive Officer. Enlisted Marines will be assigned by their respective MLO/NCOIC. Any changes to recall numbers shall be reported immediately to the Squadron Admin Chief. Duty sections will be utilized when required by the Commanding Officer.

b. Student Personnel. All student personnel will be assigned to a duty section by the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant. A student recall roster will be maintained by the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant. Daily updates will be submitted to the Squadron Admin Chief who is required to maintain an accurate recall. No duty section musters will be held unless directed by the Commanding Officer.

(2) Restriction/Extra Duty/Limited Liberty Personnel. The SDO will be provided with a folder containing Marines assigned to restriction, extra duty, or limited liberty. Restriction musters shall be held by the SDO at 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, and 2145 Monday through Friday, and additionally at 0700, 0900, 1000, 1100, 1230, 1400, 1500, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, and 2145 on weekends and holidays. Extra duty personnel will muster at 1800 Monday through Saturday. The Squadron Gunnery Sergeant will inform the SDO of the Marine's extra duty requirements. These Marines will be supervised by the SDO and perform two CONSTRUCTIVE hours of extra duty.

4. Watchstanders. Visitors of the watchstanders will not be permitted to loiter in the barracks area. Brief visits to deliver meals, uniforms, etc. are authorized; however, business will be conducted expeditiously and visitors will depart the area. Visitors will not enter areas designated as sleeping quarters. Visitors can be entertained in the picnic area.

5. Privacy Act Information. The privacy act prohibits the disclosure, by any means, of personal information about an individual to unauthorized personnel. Do not disclose the name, address, home telephone number, social security number, employment/pay data, or any other personal information concerning members of this command without authorization from the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, or First Sergeant. If the individual is assigned to MATSG, the military address and office phone number may be disclosed. Should you receive a request for personal information, inform the requester that you are not authorized to release personal information. Refer any requests to the First Sergeant or Executive Officer. After working hours inform the requester to call again during working hours and make a log entry. In the event of an emergency, obtain a return telephone number and notify the concerned Marine of the situation. If you are unable to contact the Marine, notify the First Sergeant, Executive Officer, or Commanding Officer.

6. Action. All personnel assigned duties will be guided by this Policy Letter. The Mech Dept NCOIC shall publish the Squadron Duty Officer Roster and the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant will publish the Barracks Watchstander Roster. SDO assignments shall not be changed without the permission of the Squadron First Sergeant.