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From: Commanding Officer
To: Distribution List


1. Purpose. To promulgate procedures for the operation of the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) and establish standards and polices for all Marines residing therein.

2. Cancellation. Policy Letter 4-97

3. Security.

a. All Marines are responsible for the security of their barracks. Individuals who destroy and abuse this facility must be reported to the Staff Duty Officer(SDO) Or Squadron Gunnery Sergeant.

b. Unattended rooms and wall lockers will be secured. Valuables will remain secured at all times. Valuables too large to secure will be etched with Marine's name and SSN.

c. Marines assigned to a room shall ensure that all screens and windows are secured prior to leaving. Marines shall ensure that all electrical/electronic devices are turned off prior to leaving the room.

d. A guest is defined as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who does not reside in the barracks. All guests will be logged in/out at the duty desk by the SDO and must remain in the host's presence at all times. All guests will be out of the barracks between the hours of 2200 and 0700 Sunday through Thursday and between 2400 and 0700 Friday through Saturday, unless special permission is granted by the Commanding Officer. The SDO may, as a matter of discretion, prohibit any guest from entering the barracks. In these instances, the SDO will make a logbook entry. Room visits from Marines assigned to Aviation Maintenance Squadron-1(AMS-1) barracks will be conducted with the same restrictions as a guest, however, Marines visiting another Marine's room from the same barracks will not be required to check in/out with the SDO.

e. All guests will be escorted by their host to the SDO for check in/out of the barracks. Personnel of the opposite sex are allowed to visit only in the squadron lounge and common areas. The only exception is when a Marine is directly performing an official Squadron Function. Marines residing in AMS-1 barracks who request visitors in their rooms must have prior approval from their roommate if applicable.

f. All deliveries of merchandise or food will be taken to the Quarterdeck. Delivery personnel shall not deliver items to individual rooms. It is the individual's responsibility to be present for acceptance of merchandise or food.

4. Police, Care, and Maintenance.

a. All Marines assigned to reside in the barracks are responsible for the police of the barracks. Specifically, no Marines are authorized to perform any structural/mechanical maintenance, repair, or adjustment to the barracks.

b. Maintenance and repair requests will be reported to the Troop Handlers or Squadron Gunnery Sergeant.

c. The Troop Handlers or Squadron Gunnery Sergeant are the only personnel authorized to allow Marines to change room assignments.

d. Marines are responsible for their rooms and all items in them. Individual rooms will be maintained in accordance with Barracks Orders and Regulations. Common areas will be kept clean and free of trash at all times. This is your home; take pride in its appearance.

e. The hanging of pictures or any other objects on bulkheads is prohibited.

f. Marines are responsible for their own wake-up calls and for being on time at their appointed place of duty. (school, formations, etc.).

5. Sanitation.

a. Marines residing in the barracks shall use good personal hygiene practices to prevent unsanitary conditions.

b. Any unsanitary conditions, sickness, or injury shall be reported to the SDO, Troop Handlers or Squadron Gunnery Sergeant immediately.

c. Marines requiring sick call before school hours must checkout with the SDO or Troop Handler prior to reporting to sick call.

6. Inspections.

a. Weekly field day of the barracks will occur on Thursdays. Section Leaders, Troop Handlers and Squadron Gunnery Sergeant will supervise the field day.

b. Room inspections will be conducted by the Marine Liaison Officers (MLO) on Fridays.

c. Rooms that fail inspections will be reinspected on the following day by the Troop Handler or Section Leader.

7. General Conduct.

a. Drugs, other than medications prescribed by a physician, are prohibited in the barracks. Civilian prescriptions must be brought to Navy medical facilities for review and annotation in medical records. Prescribed medication will be secured at all times.

b. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or containers in the barracks (to include lounge, parking lots, etc.) is prohibited.

c. The use of tobacco products is restricted to designated areas only.

d. Gambling is prohibited in the barracks and parking lot areas.

e. Intimate contact or any contact that could be considered to be sexual in nature is prohibited (to include lounges, and parking lots).

f. Weapons of any type are prohibited in the barracks. Knives with blades less than 3 inches in length may be kept in the barracks.

g. The use or storage of hazardous material is prohibited. Ammunition, pyrotechnics, incendiaries, grenades, fireworks, lighter fluid, butane or any explosive devices are strictly prohibited in any barracks or parking lot area.

h. Noise/loud music will be kept to a low conversational tone between the hours of 2200 and 0500. Loud music or loud offensive conversation will not be tolerated. Music/TV volume must be maintained at a level where it does not disturb others. Be considerate of your fellow Marines.

i. Study rooms will remain quiet, clean and conducive to a good academic environment at all times. Only white board markers will be used on study room boards. Keys to the study rooms will be checked in/out by the SDO. The Marine checking out the study room is responsible for the police and condition of the study room upon completion of study.

j. Marines who own vehicles must park in authorized spaces only. No parking is authorized on the south end of Barracks H. All vehicles shall be locked when unattended. Vehicles must be maintained in operational condition. There will be no vehicle maintenance of any type allowed in the parking lots or surrounding areas.

k. Automobile/motorcycle parts and equipment will not be stored in BEQ rooms. Helmets are the exception.

l. Cooking and eating in rooms is prohibited.

m. Do not purchase additional furniture items for barracks rooms. Furniture shall not be removed from assigned areas. The rearranging of furniture is not authorized.

n. Marines shall not lay on their racks while wearing boots/shoes.

o. Laundry shall not be left unattended in washers or dryers.

p. All Marines will survey their linen on a weekly basis.

q. Pets of any kind are prohibited in the barracks.

r. All lost keys/room cards will be reported to the SDO, a Troop Handler or Squadron Gunnery Sergeant.

s. Marines will be appropriately dressed when venturing from their rooms to common areas.

t. Marines entering and exiting the barracks will be in the proper military uniform or appropriate civilian attire. Military ID cards must be shown by all personnel entering the barracks.

u. Marines receiving personal phone calls after 2200 will not be paged, with the exception of bonafide emergencies.

v. Marines shall ensure that all lights/fans and electrical/electronic devices are turned off prior to leaving the room.