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Band of Brothers Principles

(1) All Marines are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, but must be willing to exercise these qualities in order to receive them.

(2) A Marine should never lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow Marine or fail to come to his aid in time of need.

(3) All Marines should contribute 100% of their abilities to the unit's mission. Anything less will pass the buck to someone else.

(4) A Marine unit is a disciplined family in which each Marine respects the other as a brother.

(5) It is essential that all issues and problems within a unit that might lessen its combat effectiveness be addressed and resolved.

(6) All Marines share a common goal of mutual understanding regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background.

(7) Being the best requires hard work and team work. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

(8) Every Marine deserves job satisfaction, equal consideration, and recognition for his accomplishments.

(9) Knowing your brother Marine will allow you to understand his point of view.

(10) A problem that affects a brother Marine should be brought to the attention of someone who can help him.

(11) A Brotherhood depends on all Marines feeling that they belong and are accepted as brothers.