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AMS-1 Marines Compete for Captain's Cup

NAS PENSACOLA, FL -- In its first year aboard NAS Pensacola, AMS-1 finished in the thick of the competition for the Captain's Cup trophy. AMS-1 remained neck and neck with MATSG in competition for second place, not far behind the leader, in spite of getting a late start on the competition. The Squadron's Captain's Cup coordinator, GySgt K. F. Leveck from the AD Division, spearheaded a spirited run for the cup this past year. Operating under a plan to compete actively and aggressively while placing emphasis on having fun over winning at all costs, GySgt Leveck's athletes responded enthusiastically. They proved that, in intramural sports, although it's more important to have fun than it is to win, it is more fun to win than it is to lose. AMS-1 Marine athletes had their share of fun this season.

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